Bread oven

Making and restoration of traditional bread ovens in Haut-Rhin

You want to build a bread oven in your garden? You have an old pizza oven and you have to restore it?

To bring you the best, we offer the manufacture and restoration of traditional bread ovens. Breads and pizzas take on a pleasant flavour over a wood fire.

Based on refractory brick and clay, we build new bread ovens with care and precision. We guarantee you an impeccable work that meets your expectations.

Versatile, we also restore old bread ovens. We work on all types of ovens: traditional kilns in turtle’s back, tunnel kilns in metal casing, etc.

The demand increases from year to year with the will of our customers to ensure the self-production of quality products (organic bread,…). The outdoor bread ovens also allow you to cook flambé pies, pizzas and grills.

The mission of our bread oven manufacturers in the Haut-Rhin

During manufacturing, we support:

  • The elevation of the basement
  • The laying of the soleFixing of a heating door
  • The mounting of the vault
  • Application of exterior coating

For more details or to request a quote, contact our professionals of traditional bread ovens in Zaessingue.