New stoves

Our range of new ceramic stoves

Opt for ceramic wood stoves to heat your home. This heating device combines energy saving, ecology and aesthetics.

Our workshop of Traditional Earthenware Stoves in Zaessingue offers creations in 2 types: on foot or base stone.

Our ceramic stoves have a diameter of 88, 60 and 45 cm. They offer a wide range of models. Colors and decorations can be made on special request of the customer. You will find a wide choice in our exhibition room.

The plus of ceramic stoves

This type of wood stove is known for its difference, charm and authenticity. They bring a classic and noble touch to your interior. They have a multitude of advantages, namely:

  • Excellent ability to accumulate heat
  • A gradual and gentle recovery of the heat in the room
  • Requires little maintenance and crosses eras
  • Design and elegant models

For more details, contact our ceramic stove manufacturing workshop in Zaessingue.